RECEADIT Medical Center at Kitchu, Belo in Kom.

The Center for Medical Analysis, Diagnostic Imaging and Treatment (CEMADIT), is the Clinic that provides medical services to our community members and the main site for hands-on, practical, clinical internships for the students of our School of Health, Biomedical and Computer Sciences (SHBCS). Its maternity unit is being expanded to accommodate the increasing needs of the community.

The following services are provided at this facility:

a) Our very First Clinic, RECEADIT- CEMADIT Clinic;

b) Our School of Health, Biomedical and Computer Sciences (SHBCS); and

C) Our New Central Pharmacy, which provides needed medication/drugs for all the other clinics.

Ngemsibo Remote, Rural Community Health Center

This is our Second Clinic, which is our First GlobalGiving-RECEADIT Partnership Project. It was opened in 2016 at the constant, repeated and persistant request of the Ngemsibo remote, rural Community members.

It is located at the remote, rural community of Ngemsibo. It is extremely difficult to find and recruite workers to work there because of its bad roads and the difficult to reach nature of it.

Presently, we have two female medical workers there, who are both graduates of our School of Health, Biomedical and Computer Sciences (SHBCS).

We are currently searching for an assistant pharmacy technician to recruite.

On the right is a RECEADIT Female Nurse attending to and distributing Masks to Internally Displaced People at the Ngemsibo Remote, Rural Community.

Due to the ongoing conflict and the resulting displacment of civilians, our staff has to go out sometimes to meet the people, many of whom can not get to the clinic, especially older persons.

Muteff Remote, Rural Community Health Center



First Photo above is the Photo of our Third RECEADIT Clinic, completed and opened in 2018 at the consistant, repeated and persistent request of the Muteff remote, rural community members through mainly their Beloved son, Bobe Colbert Toh, who was brutally murdered on September 9. 2021.

This takes us to the ongoing, senseless war in Cameroon, which has resulted in the killing and burning of the homes and villages of innocent civilians of the English speaking Southern Cameroons.

This has led to RECEADIT stepping in and providing medical assistance (See Second Photo above) and food (See Fourth Photo above) to the internally displaced people.

For example, see the First Photo above of our RECEADIT Female Nurse with parents and children after their vaccination at Our RECEADIT Clinic at Muteff Remote, Rural Community.

It should be noted here that getting these vaccines by RECEADIT for the vaccination of these children is extremely very difficult, especially those provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

See Second Photo above of the man being attended to by the female nurse who was shot by the army.

See the Third Photo above of some Internally Displaced People waiting for their malaria drugs/tablets from our RECEADIT female nurses.

See the Fourth Photo above of some Internally Displaced people getting ready to eat food provided by RECEADIT at Muteff remote, rural community.

See the Fifth Photo above of Three RECEADIT Female Nurses at the Muteff Remote, Rural Community Health Center receiving their drugs/medication and other medical equipment.

See the Sixth Photo above of the Burial Ceremony of Bobe Colbert Toh, the Beloved son of Muteff Remote, Rural Community, which took place on Saturday, September 18, 2021.



Our Fourth RECEADIT Clinic is the RECEADIT Mbam community Health Center, which was completed and opened in 2020.

It is at this RECEADIT Fourth Clinc that In-service or On-the-Job training classes are conducted for our potential medical workers.

It is also at this Clinic that RECEADIT Backup Pharmacy is located.

This Clinic provides the main training facility for the training of Medical Laboratory technicians.

Most of RECEADIT student Intensives are conducted at this Clinic.

Installed Solar System (See Second Photo).

See the Fifth and Sixth Photos above of our two Female Nurses and one Male nurse at Our RECEADIT/GlobalGiving Community Health Center preparing to package and transport drugs/medication to our other RECEADIT Health Centers.